Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

“PIBBLE Takes the World by Storm: Earn Big with AI-Driven Content Creation and Blockchain Security!”

PIBBLE, a pioneer in the blockchain and AI technology space, announces the launch of its groundbreaking AI content contest, “Top PIBBLE” designed to engage users and foster a vibrant community. Celebrating its global launch following a successful debut in the Korean market, PIBBLE is set to redefine content creation and monetization, enabling users to earn rewards through their creativity.

Daily prizes and a dynamic fandom community

AI PIBBLE is hosting a daily Top PIBBLE contest, offering a substantial prize pool of 1,000,000 PIB daily and a total of 300 million PIB coin annually.  The prize pool is designed to grow as the number of entries grows, and the prizes are distributed not only to the entrants, but also to anyone who supports or votes for the entries, making it possible for all users of the PIBBLE platform to be rewarded.  The top entries will be displayed on leaderboards and real-time rankings, and there will also be a “newbie” entry that rewards new signups every day. This structure not only activates the platform, but also encourages users to form groups and guilds, creating a dynamic fandom culture. Fans can support their favorite influencers by upvoting and sponsoring their content, which has become popular with influencers.

Generous Rewards and Revenue Sharing

Currently, the top contestant has received a cumulative prize equivalent to 15 million PIB, demonstrating the lucrative potential of participating in PIBBLE’s ecosystem. Additionally, the contest is designed so that the prize pool increases with the number of participants, ensuring that all users benefit. Remarkably, 50% of the prize pool is shared equally among all participants, including viewers, commenters, and voters, making PIBBLE a unique platform where everyone earns.

Expanding Horizons: From Images to Diverse Content

While the contest initially focuses on AI-generated images, PIBBLE plans to expand into various specialized themes, including cartoons, music, short videos, and more. This will not only bring new excitement to the platform but also provide opportunities for diverse creators to showcase their talents.

Utilizing PIBBLE Ecosystem for Marketing

The AI PIBBLE platform leverages a robust ecosystem that holds approximately 8 billion PIB tokens.. This ecosystem is a crucial asset for PIBBLE’s marketing strategies, enabling sustainable growth and rewarding user participation.

Unique Competitive Advantages of PIBBLE:

  • Advanced Blockchain and AI Integration: As Korea’s leading blockchain technology company since its inception in 2018, PIBBLE merges AI and blockchain to deliver unmatched technological solutions and industry references.
  • Diverse and Scalable Platforms: With multiple commercialized platforms, PIBBLE demonstrates its operational success, showcasing robust development and marketing capabilities.
  • Mobile Optimization for Mass Adoption: Unlike traditional PC-based AI services, PIBBLE’s mobile-optimized platform facilitates widespread user accessibility and mass adoption.
  • Potential for Infinite Expansion: By incorporating new AI technologies, the metaverse, NFTs, and emerging market synergies, PIBBLE is poised for substantial growth and continuous innovation.

PIB Coin Listing and Expected Price

With the global launch of PIBBLE, PIBBLE Coin (PIB) will be listed on major global exchanges. Currently, PIB coin is traded on Coinone and MEXC. With global expansion and a growing user base, significant interest and demand is expected. Market analysts believe that PIB could increase in value by several orders of magnitude or more as more users use PIB’s services and realize the competitiveness of its AI services.

For more information, visit PIBBLE’s website(https://pibbleapp.io/)] or download the PIBBLE app from the App Store and Google Play.

more info ;

PIBBLE’s website : https://pibbleapp.io/
PIBBLE official twitter : https://x.com/pibbleio
PIBBLE official telegram : https://t.me/pibble_official

PIBBLE app download : https://pibble-project.web.app/link?site=nl01

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