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In response to concerns about the impact of likes on users’ experiences, Instagram has introduced a new feature. Now, visitors can hide the number of likes their posts receive from public view.

Instagram has responded to user feedback by hiding the number of likes on posts, aiming to create a more relaxed environment for expressing oneself on the platform. You may be curious about alternative methods if you’re a social media marketer or influencer who relies on tracking likes. While not widely known, there are ways for users to still publicly view likes on both their own and their competitors’ Instagram posts.

Here’s a simple guide on viewing Instagram likes, both the visible ones you can count and those hidden from public view.

Finding Your Likes

While instagram likes are no longer front and center, they haven’t completely vanished! Here’s how to access your own liked content and who liked your posts:

• Your Liked Posts: Open your profile and tap the three horizontal lines in the top right corner. Select “Your Activity,” followed by “Interactions,” and finally, “Likes.” Here, you’ll find a record of all the posts you’ve double-tapped on.

• Likes on Your Posts: When you click on a specific post you’ve shared, you can still see the total number of likes (but not individual usernames) beneath the caption. Tapping “Likes” will reveal a limited list, usually the first few users who liked your post. You must use “Insights” (available for business and creator accounts) to see the complete list.

What happened with Instagram likes in 2024?

In 2024, Instagram made a substantial adjustment to post likes. The platform only publicly displays the number of likes a post receives if the user makes the like count public. This adjustment matches Instagram’s goal of shifting attention away from like numbers and toward the post itself.

This change follows previous adjustments to the display of likes. In 2019, Instagram tried removing likes entirely for specific users in select countries. Later, in 2021, post likes returned but were shown differently, indicating that the username and others liked the post.

The decision to hide likes was initially tested on a small scale to gauge its impact on user experience. Instagram eventually introduced this option to all users to promote a more positive social network.

Users can now choose to conceal or unhide likes on their posts. Individuals can modify their Instagram experience based on their interests.

How to Hide Likes on Instagram

To hide likes on Instagram, whether on posts made by others or your own, follow these simple steps:

For posts made by others:

• Go to your profile and click on the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner.

• Select Settings and Privacy, then scroll down to Like Count and tap it.

• Toggle the Hide Like Count option on or off as desired.

For your posts when creating them:

• While creating an Instagram post, proceed to write the captions.

• When the tab opens, tap Advanced Settings.

• Toggle the button to the right to hide likes and view counts on that specific post.

That’s it! You’ve successfully hidden the number of likes on Instagram posts.

Why is Instagram offering users the option to hide likes?

You may be asking why anyone would seek out information on how to hide likes on Instagram. What variables influenced this decision in the first place?

According to a survey, Instagram use is associated with mental health concerns in young adults. The use of social media has an impact on people’s self-esteem because it is dependent on validation and approval from the audience. Poor self-judgment, loneliness, anxiety, and negative comments add gasoline to the fire, resulting in an increase in mental health illnesses among Instagram users.

In one of its announcements, Instagram’s parent company, Meta, pushed for more user autonomy. It launched a conceal likes feature to “depressurize people’s experience” on Instagram.

Instagram initially beta-tested this functionality with users in Canada. Following successful results, this feature was opened for everyone to use! Essentially, the platform provides high-quality service and a positive user experience. This tool will encourage users to express what they love without fear of rejection or concern about the number of likes on their postings. This feature is likely to lessen the stigma associated with mental health disorders.

Engagement Beyond Likes: Exploring New Metrics

Likes were once the sole measure of success, but Instagram 2024 offers a more holistic view of engagement. Here are some key metrics to track:

• Comments: Comments represent a deeper level of engagement than a simple like. Encourage conversation by asking questions, responding to comments, and hosting discussions. The quality and quantity of comments can be more valuable than a high like count.

• Saves: Saving a post signifies a user’s intention to revisit it later, indicating valuable content. Encourage users to save your posts with clear calls to action.

• Shares: Sharing your content expands your reach and exposes it to a new audience. Encourage shares by creating valuable and shareable content.

• Story Views and Interactions: Stories offer a more dynamic and transient way to connect with your audience. Track story views and replies, tap on links, and poll responses to understand your audience’s sentiments and preferences.

• Insights (Business and Creator Accounts): These in-depth analytics provide valuable data on demographics, reach, engagement rates, and content performance. Use insights to understand your audience better and tailor your content accordingly.


Instagram’s display constantly evolves, but by 2024, the company will allow users more control over how their Instagram engagement is displayed publicly.

You can decide whether or not to make your Instagram likes and comments public. You can also hide or unhide likes from your Instagram feed if you want to focus just on the content. But nothing is permanent, and remember that you may change your display settings at any time if you don’t want to show likes in your feed.

Remember this year that there are more essential metrics than the amount of post likes.

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