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pornhub has become one of the most popular websites for both watching and sharing videos. However, did you know there are great pornhub converters that let you save videos from pornhub for offline viewing? This guide will compare the best pornhub converter tools and help you select the right one.

Why You Should Download pornhub Videos

There are several reasons why downloading pornhub videos for offline use makes sense. For one, you can enjoy videos even without an internet connection. This is handy on long flights or trips without WiFi access. Downloading also lets you watch ad-free videos. You won’t have to deal with buffering issues or watch the same ads repeatedly. It is also a good way to archive videos that may get deleted from pornhub in the future.

Comparing the Best pornhub converters

Now let’s look at some of the highest rated pornhub converters in more detail:

  • Go2Keep

Go2Keep provides a feature-packed yet intuitive experience for pornhub video saving. From personalized playlists to format options – it has all the tools for an efficient offline viewing solution. Don’t just watch pornhub – start downloading and streaming your favorites with ease!


  1. Downloads 4K quality pornhub videos
  2. Allows audio extraction and format conversion
  3. Supports batch and playlist downloads

Key Specs:

  1. Intuitive interface for Windows and Mac
  2. Can extract captions and descriptions
  3. Occasional advertisements


  • Downloader allows downloading pornhub videos or extracting just the audio section in MP3 format. It makes running on multiple platforms simple. The interface is simple and user-friendly. Although the free version has limited speed and quality options compared to the premium upgrades. But still a trustworthy downloader.


  1. Cross-platform compatibility
  2. Video and audio downloads
  3. User-friendly interface

Key Specs:

  1. Speed/quality limits on free version
  2. Audio extraction supported
  3. Minimal yet functional design


  • P2Download

As a powerful download manager, P2Download efficiently handles downloading media including pornhub videos. It supports batch and scheduled downloading through a customizable queue system. Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux, it provides advanced functionality but has a steep learning curve.


  1. Batch and queue downloads
  2. Cross-platform support
  3. Customizable interface

Key Specs:

  1. Steeper learning curve
  2. Supports pornhub and file hosts
  3. Open-source software

  • 9xbuddy

9xbuddy offers a simple pornhub converter for Windows users. It allows for basic audio extraction along with video downloads. While fulfilling essential needs, the interface feels outdated versus modern alternatives. However, it is easy to use.


  1. User-friendly interface
  2. Audio extraction supported
  3. pornhub video downloads

Key Specs:

  1. Windows only compatibility
  2. Few customization options
  3. Dated interface design

  • TubeOffline

TubeOffline allows ad-free high quality downloads of pornhub videos. The downloader is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS operating systems. However, it lacks the advanced conversion options offered by premium services.


  1. Removes ads from videos
  2. Cross-platform compatibility
  3. downloads high quality videos

Key Specs:

  1. Fewer format choices
  2. Basic and minimalist interface
  3. Free to use

  • VideoHunter pornhub converter

VideoHunter efficiently downloads pornhub videos in up to 4K resolution and mp3 audio format. It features a simple dashboard to monitor queue and completed downloads. While it gets the job done, the free version has constrained features and slower speeds compared to paid alternatives.


  1. Downloads 4K quality videos
  2. Audio extraction to mp3 format
  3. Queue monitoring dashboard

Key Specs:

  1. Windows and Mac compatible
  2. Limited free version
  3. Clean, basic interface

  • AllTube pornhub converter

AllTube makes downloading pornhub playlists effortless with an intuitive interface. It supports Windows compatible. However, it only runs on a single operating system and offers fewer format options than premium downloaders.


  1. Playlist downloading
  2. User-friendly interface
  3. Windows compatibility

Key Specs:

  1. Limited format choices
  2. Only Windows compatible
  3. Basic feature set

  • Xdownloader pornhub converter

Xdownloader grabs closed captions when downloading pornhub videos, with support for Windows and macOS. However, the free version may show advertisements and has less flexible options compared to paid alternatives.


  1. Downloads closed captions
  2. Windows and Mac compatible
  3. Basic video downloader

Key Specs:

  1. Can contain ads
  2. Fewer customization options
  3. Only downloads videos

How to Choose  the Best pornhub converter

Go2Keep, and P2Download provide fully-fledged features across systems while 9xbuddy, TubeOffline, VideoHunter and AllTube are suitable basic downloaders based on one’s needs. Xdownloader is also handy although basic.

DownloaderPlatforms SupportedFeaturesVideo QualityAudio FormatInterface
Go2Keep Video DownloaderWindows, Mac4K downloading, playlists, captions, formats conversion, batch downloadsUp to 4KMP3, M4A etc.Intuitive, occasional ads
P2Download 2Windows, Mac, LinuxBatch/queue downloads, torrents, file hostsOriginal qualityNoneHighly customizable, steep learning curve
TubeOfflineWindows, Linux, macOSAd-free downloadsHigh qualityNoneSimple, limited format options
VideoHunter pornhub converterWindows, Mac4K, mp3, dashboardUp to 4KMP3Basic free version, clean UI
AllTube pornhub converterWindows onlyPlaylist downloadsOriginal qualityNoneIntuitive, fewer formats
Xdownloader pornhub converterWindows, MacClosed captionsOriginal qualityNoneBasic, may contain ads DownloaderMulti-platformVideo, audio in mp3Original qualityMP3Easy to use, speed limits in free version
9xbuddyWindows onlyAudio extractionOriginal qualityMP3Fulfills basic needs, dated design

This table offers a better comparison of platform support, key features, video/audio quality, interface differences and other specifications of the major pornhub converters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it legal to download pornhub videos?
A: Downloading for personal offline use without redistribution is usually considered fair use. However, downloading copyrighted material without permission can be illegal. It’s best to only download public domain or creator-approved content.

Q: How can I speed up downloads?
A: Using a VPN, selecting lowest quality needed, skipping enhancement layers, and converting large files helps. Make sure no other bandwidth-heavy apps are running simultaneously.

Q: Can I download only audio from videos?
A: Yes, many downloaders allow extracting just the MP3 audio file without the video. This saves a lot of space on your device.

Q: What format should I convert large videos to?
A: Formats like MP4 and MP3 are ideal as they compress files significantly without losing much quality. This allows storing more videos in less storage space.

Q: Is it safe to use pornhub converters?
A: In general, downloads from trusted developers with good reviews pose no security risk. However, always exercise caution with freeware lacking transparency about data practices.


In this article, we compared 11 of the most popular pornhub converters currently available. Each tool has its own strengths – like platform support, features, and interface – so determining the best option requires understanding one’s specific downloading needs.

Whether you need a basic multi-format downloader or an advanced batch manager, there are capable open-source and paid alternatives discussed here. Consider factors like intended use, file conversions required, preferred platform before deciding.

While downloading copyrighted pornhub content without permission can be illegal, these tools open up new possibilities for personal offline enjoyment of public videos from the platform. Always use downloaders respectfully and cautiously within legal sharing boundaries.

In summary, take time to analyze your video saving needs, then match them with the most suitable downloader described here to gain full control over your local pornhub library. Proper research will lead to an informed choice of the best pornhub converter for your unique setup.

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