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In the realm of bodybuilding and fitness training, steroids are as important as proper diet and workout. Without using steroids, you will not get the desired results despite spending years in the gym. Almost all professional bodybuilders and athletes rely on these supplements to transform their bodies and boost performance.

Just like any other popular thing, steroids are also among the most controversial topics. There’s a long debate on whether they are suitable for your body or not. The main reason behind these controversies is the prevalent myths. In this post, we will debunk some common myths about steroids to separate the facts from fiction. Let’s start doing so without further ado.

Myth: Steroids Are Overpriced

The first myth is that steroids are overpriced. Many people think that they have to pay hefty amounts just to buy a few grams of the active components. Therefore, many bodybuilders with limited earning resources don’t prefer using them.


It’s a common misconception that not all steroids are overpriced. You can buy them at pretty affordable rates from online stores. Furthermore,  some reputable stores such as SteroidsFax offer special discounts as well to ensure everyone can afford them. For example, Tren Ace price is around $55 only for a 10ml vial with each ml containing 100mg of the active components.

Myth: All Steroids Are Illegal

Many people think that all steroids are illegal. This misconception is mainly because the use of steroids for bodybuilding is inhibited in almost all parts of the world.


You need to understand that steroids are legal and their use for bodybuilding is illegal. Many steroids are legally used to treat disorders in humans. You can legally buy these steroids from any reputable drug store by showing a doctor’s prescription.

Myth: Steroids Make You Aggressive

The impact of steroids on mood has led to a misconception that consuming steroids makes you aggressive. Though there are some incidents of steroid usage leading to aggression it’s still a myth.


The use of supplements triggers different responses in your body to stimulate the release of hormones. However, it doesn’t lead to aggression. Only a few people experience this issue too when they consume more than the recommended doses for a long time. It also depends upon your mental conditions and habits.

Myth: Steroids Give You Immediate Results

Now this is a widespread myth. People think they will take steroids and their bodies will transform overnight. The main reason behind this misconception is advertisements from some non-reliable steroid companies. They show how taking a few pills can dramatically change your body.


Steroids are not some sort of magical compounds that can give you immediate results. They just work like medicine. Once they enter your body, they stimulate the release of hormones and muscle development through a proper mechanism. Furthermore, they will assist only and speed up the process. You have to gain and build muscles via workouts and your diet.

Myth: Steroids are Mandatory to Gain Muscles

Many influencers have spread this myth that you cannot get muscles without using steroids. It demotivates those who cannot buy steroids and they skip their bodybuilding journey.


The fact is the opposite as you can easily build muscles and achieve a good body shape without steroids. As mentioned above, steroids will only help, you have to work hard in the gym and focus on your diet to build muscles.

You can get the nutrients via your diet and develop bigger muscles. The process may be slow and your muscles will grow to a limited extent only, it never means that you cannot build muscles without steroids.

Myth: Steroids are Used by Men Only

Almost everyone associated with bodybuilding is responsible for this myth. From advertising companies to bodybuilding associations, everyone shows men bodybuilders, which leads people to think that steroids are used by men only.


Steroids can be used by both men and women. Even many female celebrities and athletes are consuming them to maintain their body shape and boost performance. Many steroid manufacturing companies are now making special supplements for females that they can easily tolerate.

For example, Anavar is a specialized steroid for females which helps them get shredded and muscular within a few weeks. The best part is that it doesn’t cause any side effects.

Myth: All Steroids Cause Side Effects

One thing that is overhyped about steroids is their side effects. Many people think that steroids are injurious to health and lead to severe side effects. It has led to a further misconception that they can end your testosterone and make you sexually inactive.


Some side effects are associated with steroids however, it never means that you cannot use them. These side effects are mainly caused when you overdose on steroids that take a long time. Otherwise, you will get some minor side effects just because of hormonal changes which will be reversed when you stop taking supplements after cycle completion.

Myth: Steroids are Used for Bodybuilding or Fitness Training Only

Due to advertisements by bodybuilders and athletes only, people think that steroids are used for bodybuilding and fitness training only. It’s mainly because of a lack of awareness about the potential uses of supplements.


Steroids have very wide applications in the world of bodybuilding and fitness training. However, it never means that they are specifically made for it. Many steroids were primarily made for medical purposes, and then bodybuilders started using them to gain muscles. For example, Sustanon 270 is a potent steroid used by bodybuilders and athletes. However, it has countless applications in the medical field as well. It can be used to treat tiredness, impotence, low sex drive, infertility, and depression.

Final Thoughts

Now you know the true potential and reality of steroids as we have debunked common myths about them. After knowing the reality, one thing has become clear that steroids are safe to use unless you abuse them. To get the best-quality supplements, you must order them from reputable stores such as SteroidsFax, so that you get original products.

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