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Introduction to fitted kitchen cabinets

By choosing fitted kitchen cabinets, it allows you to utilise every single space in your kitchen. These kitchens are customised to the dimension of your home therefore; there is no unused space in your kitchen. A well-fitted kitchen gives a sleek and professional look.

How many of you can really take the credit for this yourself? Fitted kitchen units provide the kind of seamless approach that freestanding cabinets just can’t match. It’s all very well having a lovely oak unit with its own worktop, but if you have to move it around your kitchen to accommodate the awkward spaces and the angles, you might find it creates more problems than it solves. Clearly, it’s not going to be able to fit snugly to your walls, leaving clearly visible gaps, wasting space that could have been used for storage.

Slimline fitted kitchen cabinets can create some extra class and style, and make an entire kitchen look more modern and powerful, while still maintaining that cosy touch that can come in handy. Whether you enjoy the buzz of a state-of-the-art futuristic modern kitchen, or you fancy your place looking more traditional, warm and cosy, they can adapt to your style and keep in tune with your decor.

Advantages of fitted kitchen cabinets

Storage Space at a Maximum: Eliminating all those awkward gaps and odd lengths that exist in regular kitchen cabinets, fitted kitchen cabinets mean that every possible space has been accounted for, freeing up precious square inches that can be easily worked into your storage plan. This will ultimately make your kitchen look neat and tidy as everything is easy to see and gets stored more efficiently, which can only be a good thing.

Better integration with your overall design: While freestanding cabinets can sometimes feel like an afterthought, a unit that’s integrated into the design of your kitchen will match with the other features, providing a seamless, polished look.

Comprehensive Design: Another great benefit of fitted kitchen cabinets is that you can choose  every aspect of the design, from the type of material, finish and  style, to the layout and configuration. This allows you to customise  everything to your needs, making it the ideal kitchen for you.

Increase home resale value: Investing in a superb fitted kitchen set of cabinets has a positive effect on the resale of your home.Potential buyers are attracted to the quality kitchen and are willing to pay extra money to have a kitchen like that. Fitted kitchen cabinets are a smart investment for the long run.

Efficient use of space: Fitted kitchen cabinets make use of the space in often-overlooked areas, such as corners, alcoves and tight angles, far better than traditional open kitchens do. This often leads to clutter-free and tidy kitchen spaces.

Customization options for fitted kitchen cabinets

Perhaps the best thing about fitted kitchen cabinets is that you can get exactly what you want. Everything from the material and finishes to the layout can be customised to your requirements.

Materials and finishes: Fitted kitchens comprise a large number of fitted kitchen cabinets, and there are different materials available to make fitted kitchens, such as solid wood, laminate or glass / chrome high gloss lacquer or stainless steel, etc.

Cabinet Styles: The clean lines of a Shaker-style kitchen can fit both modern and traditional decor; on the other hand, you can select ornate traditional cabinetry or keep it contemporary with flat-panel doors. You can easily combine elements to create your personal look.

Interior organisation: Bespoke cabinets can be fitted out with pull-outs, sliding trays and inserts, such as a set of drawers for silverware, or one for pots and pans on the side. It’s the little touches that will become the unexpected joys of your house. You will go through the new items in your house and assign them a purpose.

Fixtures and Fittings: The hardware of a room, from minimalist handles to floral-shaped knobs and pulls, can be a way to infuse personality and reflect the overall design ethos of the space. Soft-close hinges, built-in lighting and integrated appliances can also be incorporated.

Factors to consider when choosing fitted kitchen cabinets

Although fitted kitchen cabinets have a lot of benefits, there are several things to think about before deciding to invest: ​

Fitted kitchen cabinet measurements: Time to get out your tape measure! Remember to take into account your kitchen layout, especially properties that might affect your cabinet design, such as odd shapes or archways.

Budget: It goes without saying that fitted kitchen cabinets are a big investment, so your budget needs to be realistic from the outset. Consider not only the cost of the cabinets themselves, but any other costs that may be incurred such as installation, countertops, appliances and hardware.

Function and storage needs: Establish the organisational needs for your kitchen and how you want to store things and arrange your cabinets, and then devise the ideal configuration (number of shelves and drawers, and special storage systems for certain items) for your needs.

Maintenance and Durability: Certain materials and finishes require more upkeep than others, and some have longer or shorter lifespans depending on how well they retain their appearance. You will likely want to consider these factors, such as damp-resistance, scratch-resistance and so on, when it comes to your chosen materials.

Professional Installation: Depending upon the handyman skills of the homeowner, it may be better to find professional installers whose lives may depend upon making sure your cabinets fit well and are going to stay that way.

Where to buy fitted kitchen cabinets

When it comes to purchasing fitted kitchen cabinets, you have several options to explore:

Local cabinetmaker: You will be working with one person from the very beginning, and should get a highly custom experience, including the ability to have the cabinet manufacturers build cabinets to your exact specifications. This type of person will likely have a well-curated quality suite of materials to offer, and may be able to advise on your designs.

Big Home Instruction Stores: Most of the top home improvement retailers will have a bespoke kitchen cabinet service available. Their range is more limited but they remain a convenient and often cheaper choice. As well as low prices, these stores are attractive to those on a budget.

Online retailers: As consumer spending has shifted to online marketplaces and e-commerce, many providers now sell fitted kitchen cabinets, often in a wide variety of styles and materials. Buyers will want to do their homework to get the best choice in style and material as well as best price, while ensuring they provide the correct measurements and specifications to get the right fit.

Kitchen showrooms: Visiting kitchen showrooms is a great way to experience the style and scale of cabinetry available in person. Many showrooms have well-informed and helpful employees who can walk you through the selection process.

Conclusion: Why fitted kitchen cabinets are a great investment for your home

If you are looking to make a room the hub of the home, then having fitted kitchen cabinets installed could be just what you need to achieve this. In today’s modern kitchens, these units allow for every available inch of space to be utilised while being customised in ways that you simply couldn’t achieve by sourcing just standard units.

Having fitted kitchen cabinets to fit seamlessly, storage capability to optimize space and the perfect finish to reflect your style, there are many reasons to spend on bespoke structured cabinets. Whether you’re renovating a kitchen in an existing home or building a new living space from scratch, bespoke kitchen cabinets can make all the difference, both aesthetically and in value.

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