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The world is changing, and so are the people. There has been a rising trend in live-in relationships. This arrangement of living together without getting married has given an altogether new meaning to cohabitation agreements. Like prenups, these agreements help unmarried couples outline both parties’ rights and responsibilities. Before you consider moving in with your lovely partner, you must have a mutual understanding. Family law solicitors in London suggest a cohabitation agreement for a successful relationship. Here’s everything you need to know about Cohabitation Agreements.

What are Cohabitation Agreements? 

Life is too short to argue about small things. If you are considering living together without getting married, it is essential to understand a cohabitation agreement and how it can help you and your partner. 

In layman’s terms, a cohabitation agreement is a contract designed explicitly for unmarried couples. This legally binding document addresses numerous factors, such as property ownership, financial responsibilities, etc. These agreements establish the terms of their relationship and what will happen if the relationship ends.  

Things A Cohabitation Agreement Cover

A cohabitation agreement sets out what and how much each party in the relationship owns. This agreement covers the following aspects:

  • Division of property and assets like cars, jewellery, furniture, etc.
  • Financial responsibilities include mortgage, rent, deposit, household bills and other contributions. 
  • Payment of debts, if any
  • Procedure for dispute resolutions
  • Arrangement of pets and children, if any
  • Next of kin rights 
  • Pension access
  • Title deeds and wills can also be considered. 

Necessary Clauses to Add to Your Cohabitation Agreements

Every relationship is different. The clauses of the cohabitation agreement depend on the individual party. Some of the key elements you should discuss with your family law solicitor in London:

  • Property owned before the relationship
  • Property bought while being in a live-in relationship
  • Household bills 
  • Inheritance and wills
  • Debt obligations, if any

Why Modern Couples Need Cohabitation Agreement

A cohabitation agreement not only divides property, bills and assets but also provides a solid foundation for unmarried couples. This one legally binding document can offer peace of mind to modern couples. 

Financial Clarity and Fairness

Money is the most loved yet common source of conflict in any relationship. By entering into this agreement, you will clarify each partner’s financial responsibilities. This covers how expenses are shared, joint purchases are managed, and who pays for what. Moreover, being upfront can avoid misunderstandings in the long run. 

Protection of Individual Assets

One of the key benefits of entering into a cohabitation agreement is protecting individual assets. This agreement defines what assets should be considered separately and how they will be managed in the relationship. Modern couples can have peace of mind and ensure that their assets are safe through this.

Childcare and Future Planning  

Cohabitation agreements go beyond the relationship. Unmarried couples can consider having children and future planning for real estate, healthcare and more. This might also include educational expenses, custody (in case of separation) and other child-related costs. Couples can avoid future conflicts and provide stability to each other. 

Simple Dispute Resolution 

Sometimes, you give so much to a relationship, but it still doesn’t work out. In case of a breakup, cohabitation agreements streamline the whole separation process. This agreement lays down a predetermined plan for resolving disputes and dividing assets. Simply put, a cohabitation agreement is a roadmap to a smooth transition and less emotional stress. 

How to Create a Cohabitation Agreement? 

Connecting with a highly experienced family law solicitor in London, like London Solicitors, will help you create a well-defined agreement. To get the right cohabitation agreements in the UK, consulting a lawyer will help you be honest about things you need, negotiate the terms, and formalize the agreement. 


In these modern times, a cohabitation agreement is valuable for unmarried couples who choose to live together. This will provide you clarity and peace of mind to build a strong relationship. A Family law solicitor London, like London Solicitors, will help you protect your interests and reduce the risk of conflict.

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