Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

How can we not talk about the explosion of the ‘Korean skin’ trend? It started on TikTok and Instagram Reels, and suddenly, it’s one of the biggest skincare trends that we could talk about.

Is it all good? Well, we’re sorry to say it, but unless you have Korean genetics, you won’t get Korean skin. But we’ll go more into that further along.

What we want to discuss is why the Korean skin trend exploded, what people were doing, and whether some of the benefits are a total myth.

The Korean Skin Trend Explosion

The Korean skin trend did explode on TikTok, with the hashtag #KoreaSkin quickly reached 6.8 billion views. It was like an overnight sensation, making online searches for glowy skin increase by 178% in January 2024, and the hashtag #cleangirl on TikTok has over 8 billion views.

So it really was an explosion, and the funny thing is, most people watching the videos will never have Korean skin. And the funnier thing is that most of the people doing the videos had Korean or Asian skin.

Still, brands jumped on the bandwagon and started to quickly produce products that claimed to replicate Korean skincare and skin types.

Yes, you can go to a London clinic for anti-wrinkle injections and have microneedling with fancy serums, but will you ever achieve the Korean skin look? Let’s look at the science behind it.

The Science Behind Korean Skin

Yes, there’s a science behind Korean skin, and lots of it has to do with genetics, the skin DNA, and how they age. It’s not just Koreans – but Asian people are predisposed to have more collagen production in the skin, leaving it looking more plump, free of signs of ageing, and glowy. They really do have bouncy, glowy skin.

Still, it is also true that Korean women start taking care of their skin from an earlier age. They religiously avoid the sun and live a generally healthy, clean living lifestyle. They’re more active, have a better diet, and have a better lifestyle than the rest of the world.

We’d say it’s 50% related to science and 50% related to how Korean people treat their skin from an early age.

Does Any of it Work?

Yes, some of it does! It will make your skin look healthier, more glowy, and younger – but it won’t stop the natural process of ageing. That’s where those all-important anti-wrinkle injections come into play – they can reduce, reverse, and prevent the signs of ageing.

The issue is that not all of the products do. Some brands jumped on the Korean skin hype and created products full of harmful toxins. It’s essential, if you want the best skincare for you, to see a dermatologist and learn about your skin type and what it needs. We’d definitely recommend skincare for healthier skin, but it must be the right skincare.

The Korean skin trend explosion is still happening. People are posting skincare tips and products almost daily that promise to give that Korean glow, but not all of it will work!

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